100 Short Cute and Romantic Bedtime Stories for Your Girlfriend

Publish: October 1, 2022

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100 Short Cute and Romantic Bedtime Stories for Your Girlfriend

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21. Little Rabbit's Candy Tree

20. Little fox's birthday

19. Carrot Thief

18. Mr. Bee and Miss Flower

17. A Happy Little Rabbit

16. Mr. Polar Bear and Miss Penguin

15. Little Rabbit picking up stars

14. Luggage and You

13. Little Rabbit's Sweet Dream

12. Adventures of the Fox

11. Little Fox's Heart

10. Bunny looking for tail

9. Little fox growing radish

8. Rabbit that wants to eat the moon

7. Sweetest strawberry

6. Little fox's gift

5. Sleepless bear

4. There's no reason to love you

3. Love you more

2. Mr. Tortoise and Mrs. Rabbit

1. The Taste of Being In Love

Little Rabbit's Candy Tree

The naughty rabbit had only one candy left in his candy box.

He buried it in the ground with the fox, hoping that they could grow a candy tree from it.

The rabbit planned to give the first fruit of the candy tree to the fox!

The next day, the rabbit came to water his candy seed, but nothing had changed.

As the days went by, the candy still hadn't grown into a tree.

The rabbit began to worry that the candy had melted into the soil.

But afraid to see for himself, the rabbit continued to water the seed every day, hoping to one day see his candy tree bear fruit.

One day, the rabbit noticed a small tree sprouting from the ground and was overjoyed!

He ran home to tell the fox.

The fox was also happy and said that they should water the tree every day so that it could grow quickly.

The rabbit eagerly agreed. Soon, the candy tree was full of candy, including lollipops, chocolates, and even carrots! The rabbit happily picked a carrot and asked the fox to help him get it.

The fox didn't realize it at first, but he realized later that the carrot was not sweet at all.

The rabbit and fox lay under the candy tree, looking at the fruits and laughing.

The fox thought to himself that the carrot must be bad, while the rabbit thought that it was strange that the candy tree grew carrots.

In the end, they both had a good laugh about it.

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 20. Little fox's birthday

The new year is approaching, the little fox is about to celebrate his birthday, and the little rabbit wants to give him a big surprise.

For this reason, the little rabbit began to quietly inquire about what gifts the little fox would be interested in.

Is it Miss Penguin's winter special chocolate smoothie? Is it the snowy classic snowman made by Mr. Polar Bear? Or the New Year's limited-edition small cake baked by Mr. Charizard?

none of the above.

The correct answer is a fairy tale book that has long been out of print, and that is what the little fox wants most.

The little rabbit noticed a long time ago that every time the little fox passed by the antique bookstore opened by Grandpa Raccoon, his eyes were always on the book in the window.

As expected of the little fox, I also liked that book. The little rabbit thought a little smugly.

Before this book, the little rabbit also wanted to buy it, but unfortunately the price of the book is a bit expensive, and the little rabbit has been unable to buy it.

But if you want to buy it as a birthday present for the little fox, there is nothing to hesitate.

On the little fox's birthday, the little rabbit opened his piggy bank, took out the money from this year's radish harvest, and went to the antique bookstore opened by Grandpa Raccoon, saying that he wanted to buy the out-of-print fairy tale book.

Grandpa Raccoon shook his head at the little rabbit: "This book was ordered a long time ago, you are late."

The little rabbit was a little disappointed. After the disappointment, he felt that he couldn't give up so easily.

She asked Grandpa Raccoon, who was the person who ordered the book? I want to go to the other party to discuss whether they can give me the book.

Grandpa Raccoon is getting old, and he can't remember many things. Fortunately, he wrote down the guest's information in a notebook. Grandpa Raccoon put on glasses and wanted to open the drawer of the cabinet to get the notebook.

But the drawer was locked and the key was not in the store.

Grandpa Raccoon was a little helpless and a little sad: "I was afraid that I had a bad memory and lost the book, so I locked it in the drawer, and I was afraid that I would forget where the key in the drawer was, so I gave the key to my granddaughter for safekeeping. ."

Coincidentally, Miss Raccoon had just quarreled with her grandpa a few days ago, and when she moved out angrily, she took the key with her.

Breaking open the lock of the drawer will definitely not work. This cabinet was made by Miss Raccoon and gave it to Grandpa. Grandpa Raccoon treasures it very much and is reluctant to damage it.

So the little rabbit walked through the forest, went to Miss Raccoon to get the key, and at the same time persuaded Miss Raccoon that your grandfather misses you very much, don't be angry with him, go back and see him.

In fact, Miss Raccoon lost her anger long ago, she just barely got down the steps. After hearing what the little rabbit said, she immediately said that she would move back as soon as possible.

However, the little rabbit did not get the key.

Miss Raccoon inherited Grandpa Raccoon's memory problem and couldn't find the key.

"It doesn't matter, there is a spare key." Miss Raccoon said to the little rabbit, "The spare key is with my good friend, Little Brother Bear."

The little rabbit hurriedly set out to look for little brother Xiongzi, and found that little brother Xiongzi was sleeping, and he was sleeping soundly, very fragrant.

There is no way, after all, it is winter, and it is normal for Brother Bear to hibernate.

Just not waking him up makes the little rabbit a little embarrassed.

Fortunately, Little Brother Bear left a note for Miss Raccoon in advance, saying that he was afraid of delaying his hibernation, so the spare key was placed with Sister Dayan in advance.

The little rabbit went to Sister Dayan again, but found that Sister Dayan had taken the whole family to a warm place for the winter, and the spare key was transferred to Aunt Bailu.

Aunt Bailu went out for a trip during the New Year holiday, and gave the spare key to the little crow sister.

Unsurprisingly, the little crow sister has a new reason for having to give the spare key to someone else for safekeeping...

After this round of searching, the little rabbit was about to collapse, especially when she found out that the spare key was actually in the hands of the little Shiba Inu.

As we all know, the Shiba Inu is an unlucky dog ​​that gets lost every time he goes out.

Until the sun went down, the little rabbit didn't find the Shiba Inu. He wandered around in a low mood, didn't pay attention to the road, and collided with a small animal that was approaching.

Although it hurt a lot, the little rabbit was very happy.

Because she happened to bump into the lost Shiba Inu, and the spare key happened to be hanging around her neck, and she wanted to return it to the bookstore!

Alas, poor little Shiba Inu.

If I hadn't bumped into the little rabbit here, I don't know how many days I would have been lost on the way to the bookstore.

But now that the Shiba Inu meets the little rabbit, all the problems are solved. The little rabbit happily led the Shiba Inu to the bookstore, handed back the spare key to Grandpa Raccoon, stared at Grandpa Raccoon, opened the drawer, and took out the small book that recorded the reservation information of the guests.

Then I was told that the customer who ordered the out-of-print book was the Shiba Inu.

The little rabbit was dumbfounded.

The little Shiba Inu was very excited, saying that he liked this book very much. He had saved money for a long time to buy it, and he went out resolutely to come to the bookstore to pick up the book. He thought he might get lost and never get to the bookstore. Here comes the bunny...

Seeing the happy appearance of the little Shiba Inu who got the book, the whole tail was constantly swaying and swaying, and the little rabbit swallowed what he wanted to say.

The so-called gentleman does not take people's favor, and the rabbit certainly does.

This year's little fox is destined to not receive the most wanted book as a birthday present.

Seeing that it was getting dark, and the little fox's birthday party was about to start, the little rabbit who had been busy all day went to the little fox's house dejectedly, and saw that it was full of various gifts from friends, but he was Come empty-handed, can not help but more sad.

"Little fox, I'm sorry, I originally wanted to give you that out-of-print fairy tale book as a gift. I know you wanted it very much, but I couldn't buy it..."

The little fox was a little surprised: "How did you know I wanted that book?"

"Every time you pass by Grandpa Raccoon's antique bookstore, you can't help staring at the book. You must like it very much."

The little fox was silent for a while, then suddenly burst out laughing.

"Little Rabbit, I like that book very much, but I want that book, not for myself, but for you!"

The little rabbit's eyes widened: "For me?"

"Yeah, didn't you mention in the summer that if your radish garden has a good harvest this year, will you buy that book for collection? I see that you haven't bought it for so long, are you reluctant? It happens that this year my grapes The garden has also harvested a lot, so I just want to buy it for you as a New Year's gift!"

After that, the little fox scratched his head and smiled naively: "I've been busy preparing for the birthday party in the past few days, and I haven't had time to go to the bookstore. I still think about going tomorrow, but I can't buy it anymore?"

After listening to the little fox said these words, the little rabbit laughed, and after a long time, he laughed out loud.

She suddenly felt that she was an idiot, and the little fox was also an idiot.

All idiots, but enjoyable.

After laughing, the little rabbit looked at the little fox a little embarrassedly: "But I don't have any gifts for you this year."

"What's the matter, little rabbit, if you are willing to come to celebrate my birthday with me, it's the best birthday present." The little fox moved closer to the little rabbit and narrowed his eyes with a smile.

"I just made a wish when I blew out the birthday candle. I hope you will accompany me on every birthday in the future, little rabbit, can you help me fulfill this little wish?"


"Bunny, are you alright?"

"Okay... okay."


Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 19. Carrot Thief

A strange thing happened in the forest recently,

All the carrots are gone,
Even the carrot juice in the supermarket is not immune,
So a legend about the carrot thief came out.

But this thing made the little rabbit very troubled.
Because almost every place in the forest with carrots has been visited by carrot thieves.
Except for the carrot field in front of the little rabbit's house.
So all the spears were pointed at the little rabbit for a while.

Rabbit can't stand this kind of anger.
"If I caught that little carrot thief,

I had to peel it off!
Stealing carrots is abominable.
Even wronged me. "

Little Rabbit thought to himself.

So the little rabbit simply set up a tent in the carrot field where he survived,
Prepare to have a carrot to catch the thief.
This little thief will definitely not let go of my carrots.

At night, the little rabbit heard a sparse sound from the carrot field.

It pricked up its ears and listened carefully,
When the footsteps got closer and closer,

The little rabbit suddenly opened the tent,
But the scene in front of him made the little rabbit stunned.

Where is the carrot thief,
This is obviously my favorite little fox.
He also carried a huge snakeskin pocket behind him.
The little fox looked at the little rabbit with a simple and honest smile at her at a loss.

Sorry to say:
Although I don't know what's good about carrots,
But I heard you like it,
So I stole carrots from the whole forest for you,
Now, hope you like it.

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 18. Mr. Bee and Miss Flower

Every time Mr. Bee comes to collect honey, Miss Flower blooms very beautifully.

Because she and Mr. Bee have always been good friends, from the day that Miss Flower was just a small flower bud waiting to bloom, and she met Mr. Bee, who came out to collect honey for the first time.

Also because Miss Flower has a crush on Mr. Bee.

She stretched the petals hard against the sun, showing a beautiful posture and gorgeous colors, perhaps hoping that Mr. Bee's eyes could stay on her for a while longer.

Just hearing the humming of Mr. Bee's wings made Miss Flower feel heartfelt happiness.

This mood melted into the nectar, making Miss Flower's nectar more mellow than any other flower in the entire garden, and Mr. Bee often praised Miss Flower for this reason.

"If you understand what this sweetness means..." Looking at the back of Mr. Bee flying away, Miss Flower hesitated.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bee never understood.

And this little secret that only belongs to Miss Hua, has been slowly fermented by time, and it is almost impossible to hide it.

After accumulating the courage for most of the summer, Miss Hua decided to tell Mr. Bee.

It's a pity that what Mr. Bee said first killed her enthusiasm in an instant.

He said that when he flew over the house next to the garden today, he fell in love with the human girl sitting by the window at first sight.
He said that he had never experienced such a complex and wonderful mood, both sour and sweet.
He said that he has recognized her in his life and will never change his mind again.

Mr. Bee looked at Miss Flower and smiled embarrassedly: "I know that it is impossible for a human girl to fall in love with a bee, but I am still willing to love her. Miss Flower, you are my best friend, this secret is my secret. I just want to share with you, you don't think I'm too stupid like this, right?"

Miss Flower shook her head desperately, shaking the dewdrops on the leaves scattered, and shaking the outermost piece of withered petals fell from the branches.

She thought to herself, this is quite stupid, to fall in love with a person without hesitation, even if she knows that the other person can't respond to her.

However, who has made the same choice, what qualification does he have to dislike Mr. Bee's stupidity?

In the days that followed, everything was the same as in the past. Mr. Bee and Ms. Flower were still good friends and cooperated with each other very well. He passed the pollen for her, and she gave him nectar. tacit agreement.

They even have a crush on hopeless people at the same time, feeling the same happiness and loss.

What a resemblance it is.

Until the end of summer, for the short-lived Mr. Bee and Miss Flower, the prosperity and loneliness of this life will come to an end.

Mr. Bee also finally made up his mind.

He told Miss Hua that he wanted to give his beloved girl a drop of the sweetest honey in the world as a gift, hoping that Miss Hua could help provide the best nectar.

Miss Flower said softly.

It gave Mr. Bee a big drop of nectar, crystal clear and fragrant.

Shaped like a teardrop of a broken heart.

Mr. Bee took the nectar, turned it into the best honey, flew into the open window at night, and quietly put this honey into the glass that the girl usually drinks.

Then it dragged its tired body and flew back to Miss Flower.

Miss Flower really wanted to cheer up and show Mr. Bee a good bloom again, but she was too tired to do it anymore.

She could barely hold up the crumpled petals, asked Mr. Bee why he didn't stay by the window, and took the last chance to say goodbye to the girl.

Mr Bee said: "Because I found myself a fool and an asshole, I've been hurting my best friend and I have to come back and apologize to her!"

Miss Flower was silent.

She guessed that Mr. Bee finally discovered his secret from the nectar, and felt a secret mood.

But Miss Huahua is also proud, she has no misunderstanding, no greed, and disdain to deceive herself. Facing Mr. Bee, who sincerely apologized, she said, "I am willing to accept your apology, but I don't need your mercy."

She knew that her best friend, Mr. Bee, had a firm belief. He determined that if he wanted to love that human girl for a lifetime, he would not be easily shaken.

And this kind of perseverance happens to be an important reason why Miss Flower likes Mr. Bee so much.

Miss Flower doesn't need Mr. Bee to pretend to be in love with her out of guilt and sympathy just to make a friend feel better, or to appease a dying flower.

Such hypocritical love was a humiliation to her.

Mr. Bee looked at Miss Flower quietly, and didn't speak for a long time, until the setting sun sank into the distant horizon, and a full moon climbed the branches, then he said: "Then is there anything else I can do for you?"

Miss Hua said with a relieved smile: "Come and chat with me."

Just like countless times in the past.

On this night kissed tenderly by the moonlight, Mr. Bee and Miss Flower chatted calmly about the prosperity and excitement of the whole summer, as well as their own troubles and regrets.

Even if they are not lovers, they are still best friends.

They understand each other, understand each other, are familiar with each other's past joys and embarrassments, and even the painful feelings that love can't help.

The night was dark, Miss Flower and Mr. Bee were already hovering on the edge of their dreams, and their voices became indistinct, but they would still sincerely wish each other.

"Miss Flower, good night."
"Mr. Bee, a good dream."

The sun rose again, casting light on the earth, and the air was no longer hot in summer, but with a hint of coolness in early autumn.

The girl who got up early took a cup of warm water for herself, then opened the window and looked out at the garden bathed in sunlight. Not far from the window, she found a dead bee parked in the middle of a withered flower.

This made the girl inexplicably sentimental, and subconsciously took a sip of water from the glass, and was stunned.

The taste of water is complex.

There is both joy and sweetness of love, and there is also a cry that cannot be loved.


Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 17. A Happy Little Rabbit

Spring is here, and the little rabbit and the little fox have made an appointment to go out for an outing.

The place to go is a hill full of rhododendrons on the edge of the forest. The place is beautiful, but the road is a bit steep and not easy to walk.

In order to make this outing smooth, the little fox prepared a lot of things, put them in a large backpack, and pressed them heavily on his back, which made his feet a little heavy.

"Little fox, doesn't it matter that you carry so many things?" Halfway through, the little rabbit was a little worried. "Let me help you share some of it?"

"No, no!" The little fox replied energetically, "Just look at the scenery along the road."

The scenery along the road is really beautiful. The mountains and plains are covered with bright red rhododendron balls, and the flowers are clustered and blooming very lively. The little rabbit and the little fox jumped happily on the hillside, covered with flying petals, and almost lay down and rolled happily on the petal-covered lawn.

When they reached the open space on the top of the mountain, the little fox took out a picnic cloth from the big backpack and spread it under a huge rhododendron tree. The two small animals sat down and guarded the stack of candy cakes. Happy to eat.

"Little fox, thank you for taking me to such a good place." The little rabbit said seriously. "Also, you even brought juice and fairy tale books with you. These things are heavy. It's too hard for you."

The little fox waved his hands again and again to indicate that it was nothing, it was not tired.

Seeing the cute smile of the little bunny, the little fox felt that all the hard work was worth it.

After the picnic, the two little animals leaned against the tree trunk to read fairy tales for a while, and then lay down and took a good nap. The warm sun shines on them through the gaps in the rhododendron petals, it is warm, not to mention how comfortable it is.

However, the weather on the mountain changed quickly, and the dark clouds covered the originally blue sky. When the little fox and the little rabbit woke up from their nap, a little bit of raindrops began to leak between the trees.

They quickly packed up the picnic utensils and garbage, and the little fox carried a big backpack and held an umbrella to greet the little rabbit to come and go down the mountain with it.

But it didn't take long, probably because the mountain road was too slippery, and the little fox didn't stand firm. The little rabbit hurriedly helped it up, and found that the little fox's feet were twisted, and he was limping when he walked, very embarrassed.

On the next road, the little rabbit can only carry the big backpack, hold the umbrella while supporting the little fox, and slowly walk down the mountain.

Seeing the little bunny struggling to stabilize his body on the slippery mountain road, and sweating all over his head even in the cold mountain wind, the little fox couldn't help but blame himself: "I'm sorry, little rabbit, I have troubled you. ."

"Huh? What are you talking about?" The little rabbit turned to look at the little fox, "Isn't this a normal help among good friends?"

"But..." The little fox lowered his head, his tone muffled. "I originally wanted to come out this time to take good care of you and let you have fun, but now it's you who will take care of me..."

The little rabbit burst out laughing, and the little fox looked at it in confusion.

"Little fox, it feels good to be taken care of, and I am very grateful for your kindness." The little rabbit stopped laughing and explained solemnly, "But I am not a cub in the otter mother's arms, except for being taken care of. You can't do anything but take care of it, and if you insist on doing everything for me, you're taking away another kind of happiness from me."

"Another kind of happiness?" The little fox looked confused. "What is that?"

The little rabbit tilted his head and said: "I heard my grandmother say when I was a child that the advantage of growing up is that I can not only take care of myself, but also have spare energy to take care of other people in need. This feeling of helping others is also very happy. Now I have finally grown up, and I have the opportunity to experience the joy of taking care of myself and helping others, so please don’t rob me.”

The little fox didn't speak, and thought for a while in silence, then looked up at the little rabbit: "I seem to understand what you mean."

Being able to do what he is supposed to do, or having the opportunity to do something for the little rabbit, really makes the little fox happy.

"Hehe." The little rabbit smiled and tilted the umbrella cover to the top of the little fox's head, "Then let's go down."

The little fox nodded, and then suddenly seemed to remember something, and said uneasy: "The little rabbit, if you need my help in the future, you must say it."

"Okay, let's not force ourselves. If we really encounter troubles that we can't handle, we must give others a chance to help us." The little rabbit smiled and said, "Just make an appointment like this."

After that, the two little animals cuddled with each other and gradually walked down the mountain. Although the end of this outing was not so easy and satisfactory, none of them felt regretful, but they were full of expectations for the days to come.

Because the little fox and the little rabbit know that in the days to come, they will continue to do this, helping and understanding each other with sincerity.

Then there will be a lot of happiness between them, and it will not stop.

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 16、Mr. Polar Bear and Miss Penguin

As a super nerdy bear, Mr. Polar Bear has never traveled far.

Until it met Miss Penguin who lives in Antarctica on the Internet.

Although they are at opposite ends of the planet, the distance does not prevent them from chatting happily online.

Just living in the same icy environment can give two animals a lot of common language.

Sometimes they also play a game of "Pictures".

One is in the Antarctic and the other is in the North Pole. Each of them poses a specific action outdoors to take a photo, and then put them together. The snow and ice in the background blend together, and the Mr. Polar Bear and Miss Penguin in the photo seem to be really standing together.

"I really hope to see you one day." One day, Miss Penguin said.

Then, I will go to Antarctica. The inexplicable courage made Mr. Polar Bear make up his mind.

Next it does some preparation.

For example, check online travel guides from the North Pole to the South Pole.

Given how few animals have done this (and succeeded) before, it found nothing useful.

There are no direct flights from various shipping companies.

Not even transfer information is provided.

never mind. Mr. Polar Bear calmly closed the booking website page. I can always find my way.


Before departure, Mr. Polar Bear left a message to Miss Penguin on the Internet: I am going to Antarctica to see you.

The next second, it thought about it, deleted the word "see you", and added another sentence: I brought you dried small fish.

Miss Penguin replied immediately, and she was very happy that Mr. Polar Bear was here.

I'm also curious about the taste of arctic dried fish.

So Mr. Polar Bear packed all the small dried fish he had saved into a big bag and set off on the journey.


At first, Mr. Polar Bear chose iceberg shipping, although this mode of transportation is slow and the route is random and easy to detour.

But cheap.

Iceberg doesn't charge it for tickets.

Mr. Polar Bear wants to save a little more dried fish to bring to Miss Penguin.

So it lay on the iceberg and floated southward for a long time with the current.

Mr. Polar Bear, who has never traveled far, took it for granted that since there are icebergs in the Antarctic and the North Pole, the route between them must be connected.

But it did not expect that the iceberg under him would become smaller and smaller as the temperature rose, and the cabin space shrunk from the luxury suite to a small piece big enough for Mr. Polar Bear to stand on tiptoe.

It finally disappeared completely.

Mr. Polar Bear fell into the water.


Of course, Mr. Polar Bear can swim. He took the bag of dried fish and fluttered up a small sea reef. He looked around blankly, not knowing what to do next.

At this time, a fat killer whale appeared.

"Sir, do you want to take a ride?" the killer whale asked politely.

Mr. Polar Bear nodded and told him he wanted to go to the South Pole.

"That's a long journey." The killer whale circled in the water and looked at Mr. Polar Bear with a smile, "but our killer whale car is specially designed to provide services for long-distance travelers like you, with safety and comfort, and our mission. Must arrive!"

Then the killer whale enthusiastically demonstrated his racial talent in speed and agility to Mr. Polar Bear, and said that it only needs to charge half of its small dried fish as the travel cost, and it is guaranteed to be able to send it to the Antarctic.

"Sir, you can't find a good transportation service like ours anywhere else!" The killer whale opened his big round eyes, which were full of sincerity, "The business has been bad recently, so you can do it. , take care of me!"

Mr. Polar Bear was persuaded.

It paid half of its small dried fish to the killer whale and took the special bus.

I have to say that this is much better than the iceberg shipping before. It is comfortable and fast. Mr. Polar Bear was blown by the whistling wind, and his comfortable eyes narrowed.

But not long after, near a small island, Mr. Polar Bear noticed that his progress had slowed down.

It only discovered that there was a whole group of killer whales following him at some point.

Some of the killer whales were quite large.

Among them, the killer whale swimming at the very edge was whispering furtively with an old turtle, as if making a shady deal.

Mr. Polar Bear vaguely felt bad.


The situation is really bad.

As an unfamiliar FIT, Mr. Polar Bear was subcontracted by the killer whale team to the old turtle three-wheeler who did not have a legal operating license at the price of two dried fish.

No way, the fat and cute killer whales actually like to play hooligans so much.

Mr. Polar Bear wanted to protest.

But looking at the group of strong killer whales around him smiling maliciously, he could only obediently admit it.

Small three rounds are just small three rounds, just make do with it.

But narrow and crooked.

And also special, special, especially slow.

Mr. Polar Bear, who could only stand in a huddle on the old turtle shell, watched the sun rise from one side of the sea and then set on the other side of the sea. The small island behind him seemed to be about the same size as when he first set off.

It couldn't help but said: "That... can you please hurry up?"

"...Ah?" the aged old turtle responded slowly, "Are you...in time for...time...time...?"

Mr. Polar Bear remembered his agreement with Miss Penguin, and nodded: "I have an appointment, I'm going to be late."

"Then why didn't you say it earlier? It doesn't delay things. You young people are so innocent. I don't even know what to say about you." The old turtle suddenly spoke at a normal speed.

Well, it's too fast.

Before Mr. Polar Bear could react, the old turtle shouted in a loud voice, "Sit tight!"
Then it rushed out like a sharp arrow from a bow.

The next second, Mr. Polar Bear fell into the sea again.

The car overturned.

because of speeding.

And overload.


Mr. Polar Bear's journey continues.

The rest of the way was not easy.

It was once frightened and screamed by the crazy racing sailfish supercar, and was almost taken advantage of by the manatee driving the minibus.

He was also used by Octopus Black Rental and Shark Black Motor as a source of competition. Seeing that the two sides were fighting so hard, he could only sneak away by paddling in the water.

But apart from these bad things, there is also joy in the journey.

For example, lying on the golden sandy beach of the isolated island in the middle, watching the seagulls chirping and the stars twinkling in the dark blue sky.

Or dive into the warm waters and see colorful corals swaying with the current, with lovely starfish and shrimp crawling by.

This is a beauty that Mr. Polar Bear has never seen before.

It looked carefully, trying to remember.

When I get to the South Pole... Mr. Polar Bear thought optimistically. I'm going to tell Miss Penguin all this.

Thinking that Miss Penguin is still waiting for him, it seems to have endless energy.

Even when crossing the equator, the heat is on the verge of heatstroke.

Mr. Polar Bear's determination to go to the South Pole has never wavered.


Thanks to the friendly dolphins, Mr. Polar Bear finally got on a ride with confidence.

The dolphins sent it to a stop for the transoceanic shipping of giant whales.

This is run by whales, the most formal and largest maritime traffic organization on the planet.

Reasonable prices and good service.

But there is still no direct route to Antarctica, which is too far.

Mr. Polar Bear can only continue to transfer trains, changing almost all modes of transportation.

Sometimes it's a solid blue whale flight, sometimes a bumpy sperm whale flight, and sometimes a gray whale flight with free singing.

Mr. Polar Bear just walked and walked, all the way to the south, away from the mainland, across the ocean, past the island, and across the entire planet by himself.

Just to meet Miss Penguin.


Disembarking from the last humpback whale flight, Mr. Polar Bear stood on the frozen ground.

This place looks a lot like its hometown.

It has finally reached Antarctica.

And Miss Penguin is waiting here.

"You are really here." There was an irresistible surprise on its face.

Also a little shy.

"Well, I said it was coming." Mr. Polar Bear suddenly became shy.

Miss Penguin didn't speak any further, but her eyes flashed with excitement and radiance.

It looks so beautiful.

Mr. Polar Bear stared at it stupidly.

The other party also smiled and stared at Mr. Polar Bear.

Fate is so unpredictable, two guys who used to chat on the Internet every day, when they met for the first time, they didn't know what to say at the same time.

This pleasant silence lasted for a while before Mr. Polar Bear said, "Sorry, the dried fish is gone."

All the small dried fish it had saved was spent on travelling expenses, and not a single one was left.

"But... they've all been replaced with stories." Mr. Polar Bear laughed and walked towards Miss Penguin, "Let me tell you slowly."


Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 15、Little Rabbit picking up stars

The little bunny's birthday is coming, and the little fox wants to give him a special gift.

In order to figure out what this gift should be, even a clever little fox had to frown for a long time and shave off a lot of hair from his big fluffy tail.

Finally, the little fox came up with a good answer: what gift could be more special than a star?

If this star happens to be a meteor that falls from the sky and can satisfy the owner's birthday wish, it will be even better.

So on the night of the little rabbit's birthday, the little fox really took it to pick up meteors.

"Little fox, will there really be meteors falling from this mountain?" The little rabbit asked curiously as he followed the little fox up the mountain.

"I heard from Senior Phoenix before that whenever the weather is fine, the stars from the sky will fall here." The little fox replied earnestly, "Let's wait patiently for it to come."

The little rabbit nodded, looking expectantly.


Soon the two little animals reached the top of the mountain, and they found a big rock to shelter from the wind to lean against, and looked up at the clear night sky together. Countless stars covered the sky, forming a silver galaxy, some of which were still mischievous. Twinkle, twinkle.

"Wow, it's so beautiful." The little rabbit tilted his head and smiled happily at the little fox, "I've never seen such a beautiful starry sky."

"Yeah." The little fox scratched his head a little embarrassedly, "Yes, it's so beautiful."

But, little bunny, none of them are as good-looking as your smile.

Of course, the cowardly little fox only dared to think in his heart, but did not say it.


After that, they waited for a long time on the top of the mountain, but no stars fell.

Just when the two little animals began to shake, a star fell from the sky with a long tail of light, just on top of the big rock on which the little fox and the little rabbit were backing.

The little fox quickly climbed up the big rock and saw that it was a round, chubby little meteor with a beautiful silver-yellow light all over its body. It was supposed to be very cute and beautiful.

But at this time it was unfortunately stuck between the two stone cracks, unable to move.

"Save me!" Little Meteor asked pitifully for help.

I don't know if it was because the star was too fat, it got stuck between the rocks, the little fox and the little rabbit had to pull and pull with all their strength, and it took a long time to get it out.

The two little animals looked around the little star excitedly, but the little star suddenly burst into tears.

It turns out that this is a little star that sneaked down from the sky when the star shepherd was not paying attention. Originally, I wanted to sneak out to play for a night, and then sneak back to the sky before dawn, but it was unlucky and sneaked down. When he accidentally bumped into a big rock, an obvious crack was knocked out on his smooth body.

Little Xingxing is so scared, afraid that he will be broken into pieces, and he will never be able to go back to the sky, nor will he see other Xingxing friends.

The little fox and the little rabbit coaxed it nicely for a long time, and then barely stopped the little star's crying, it sniffed aggrievedly, and said in a nasal voice: "Even if I won't be broken into pieces, I can wait. When I go back to the sky, other stars will make fun of me when they see this ugly crack."

"No, didn't you say they are all your good friends?" The little rabbit calmed down patiently, "A good friend will only feel sorry for you when he sees you hurt, so why would he make fun of you, right, little fox? "

The little fox nodded vigorously in agreement.

"But..." Little Xingxing was still very sad, her voice was low, "This crack is so ugly."

The little rabbit and the little fox looked at each other and were silent for a while. Under the night, there was only the sound of the cold wind whistling from the top of the mountain.

After a while, the little rabbit said: "Little Xingxing, don't be sad, I have a way. Even if it is a star that has been stolen from the sky, you are a meteor that can help people realize their wishes, right?"

Little Xingxing looked at the little rabbit with tears in her eyes, and nodded ignorantly.

"Then it's no problem." The little rabbit hugged Little Xingxing gently in his arms, "Today happens to be my birthday, and I have a wish that I want to ask you to help fulfill."

Then the little rabbit stuck next to the little star and whispered a few words.

Xiao Xingxing first showed a confused look, but quickly turned into surprise: "So your wish is..."

"Yes, this shouldn't be difficult." The little rabbit smiled and lifted the little star high. "I hope the cracks in your body can disappear, and you can be a happy little star again."


When the two little animals watched the little star return to the sky, the night was almost over, and the light of dawn appeared on the boundary between the sky and the earth in the distance.

The little rabbit who had not slept all night yawned sleepily.

"I'm sorry, little rabbit." The little fox felt ashamed, "I haven't been able to give you any birthday present for so long."

"No, I did pick up a star, and I'm very happy." The little rabbit didn't mind at all. "And you accompanied me to watch such a beautiful starry sky all night, little fox, thank you."

"But you originally had other birthday wishes." The little fox rubbed his nose embarrassedly, "It didn't come true with meteors."

"Well, it's a bit of a pity." The little rabbit shook his long ears, and for some reason, his tone suddenly became suspiciously hesitant, "However, my original wish doesn't have to be fulfilled by Meteor, eh , little fox, in fact, you can also help me realize..."

"What kind of wish is that?" The little fox also raised a pair of pointed ears and asked curiously, "Tell me, I will help you."

"That... um, my wish is..." The little rabbit's face flushed as red as its eyes. "I... I hope to be with the little fox forever."

The little fox's face was also red, just as red as its tail.

No one spoke for a while, only the morning light was softly sprinkled on them, very beautiful and very warm.


When the little fox and the little rabbit went down the mountain hand in hand, it was already bright.

But after all, it was still early, and there was no one else on the mountain, and it was still quiet. Only a small crow that flew by chance stopped on a lemon tree on the mountainside. Looking at the figure of the red and white animals when they left, inexplicably wanted to peck the golden tree beside him. fruit.

Then, in the quiet mountains, there was the crow's wow wow.

After all, the taste of that lemon is really sour, sour.

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 14、Luggage and You

The little fox is going to travel again. He is a prodigal son, and coming to this city is only a period of time on his journey.

He had long fantasized about sitting on a dreamy beach and touching the sea.

He packed his things, looked at the city from the window, and he had to admit that there was something in this place that made him feel uneasy.

It's the love of a bunny.

The little rabbit said that he would accompany him to watch the sea of ​​flowers in the city in the midsummer next year, put on his most beautiful dress for him, and dance the unique dance steps here.

"I shouldn't get caught up in it. This relationship has simply disrupted my life plan." The little fox said tangled, this trip had been planned for a long time, and the date was also perfect. If you are lucky, you can still see it. A rare meteor shower in decades.

"I have to be more decisive." He seemed to have made up his mind. For so many years in the past, he had been traveling to bring him happiness. How could he disrupt this happiness for such a short period of time?

But, is it really unhappy to stay?

do not care! No matter how big it is, he can't stop him. When he gets in the car, he will send her a message of leaving, so that it can be foolproof.

He picked up the suitcase and was about to open the door to leave when the phone rang.

"Hey, little fox, I just woke up, I'm a little rabbit, I'm hungry."

The little fox rushed out of the door in an instant, leaving the suitcase cluttered alone in the room.

The little rabbit straightened her messy hair in the morning, blinked her beautiful and hazy eyes, and took the breakfast brought by the little fox.

"You're so nice, I really hope you'll be with me all the time."

These words touched the heart of the little fox, and before he said anything, the phone rang again.

It's a tour group... I should be late

"What's the matter, little fox, why don't you answer the phone?" The little rabbit asked strangely, "Who is it?"

"It's nothing, garbage advertisement." He hung up and continued to hold the bunny's soft body, "Of course I will always be with you. Never leave."

After so long of courage and mental construction, I broke the line of defense in my heart because of a simple message from you.

Cowardly? Perhaps this is another kind of bravery.

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 13、Little Rabbit's Sweet Dream

The little bunny had a very bad day today.

When I got up in the morning and went to water the radish field, I found that the biggest and most beautiful radish had been stolen by someone last night, leaving only a very ugly pit.

At noon, I originally invited my friend Shiba Inu to have lunch together, but the other party lost his way when he came. Until the little rabbit who had been waiting for a long time left the agreed place in disappointment, the Shiba Inu still hadn't come out of the forest.

In the afternoon, the little bunny wanted to make himself a cup of fragrant tea to soothe his irritable mood, but he accidentally broke his favorite small teacup, and it was so shattered that it couldn't stick to it.

Each thing alone is not really a big deal, but when they are added together, it makes the little rabbit's heart a little heavy.

This will make it impossible for the little rabbit to lie down on the bed with peace of mind after falling into the night as usual, and sleep until dawn.

It's insomnia and can't sleep.

After rolling over and over a hundred times on the bed, the little rabbit simply jumped out of the bed and ran to the hillside next to the forest to watch the stars.

Looking at it, its eyes suddenly became sour.

"It's so annoying." The little rabbit stretched out his paws and wiped his eyes. "The world is so bad today."

"Why is it bad?" It was the little fox who spoke, and it followed the little rabbit worriedly when it saw the little rabbit staying here alone. "Little Rabbit, can you talk to me?"

When the little rabbit looked back and saw the little fox, all the grievances in his heart came up in an instant, and he told the little fox all the troubles he encountered today.

"Oh, you really had a bad day today." The little fox nodded understandingly, stretched out his paws and patted the little rabbit, "It's hard for you."

"Hmph, today's world is not good at all, it's so bad for me." The little rabbit said angrily, pouting, "I can't even fall asleep."

The little fox tilted his head to think for a while, then leaned over and said to the little rabbit, "This will not work. If you don't sleep well, the wounds in this world will not heal."

The little rabbit shook his ears suspiciously: "The wound of the world? What is that?"

"Hey, don't you know?" The little fox said solemnly, "A lot of bad things happen every day in this world, and sometimes these facts are too bad, and they will make wounds in an otherwise happy world. , it can't help but lose his temper, and becomes not gentle or beautiful at all."

"Then... what should I do?" the little rabbit asked anxiously. "The world has been hurt so much, will it hurt?"

"Of course it hurts, but we can also cure it by sleeping well." The little fox lowered his voice mysteriously, "Little Rabbit, let me tell you secretly, every little animal has a hidden superpower, as long as We can go to bed earlier every night and have a sweet dream, and this dream will become a panacea to heal the world, not only to eliminate the previous wounds, but also to make the world a better place."

"Really?" The little rabbit looked at the little fox suspiciously, "You didn't lie to me, did you?"

"I lied to you, I'm a puppy!" The little fox assured me earnestly, raising his paws, "I will be punished like a little Shiba Inu, and I can't find my way every time I go out!"

The little rabbit stared at the little fox for a while, saw the solemnity and concern in its eyes, and suddenly covered his mouth and snickered: "Then I'll trust you this time."

But the little rabbit hasn't sleepy yet, and the little fox doesn't rush it, saying it's okay, I can accompany you here to watch the stars for a while.

On the hillside, two small animals leaned against each other, looking up at the stars blinking playfully in the sky, decorating the entire night sky beautifully and interestingly. This calmed down the bunny's originally annoyed mood, and it began to feel that everything was really not that bad.

"Oh, I'm sleepy looking." After a while, the little rabbit yawned. "Now let me use my sleep to heal the world's wounds."

"Then lend you my shoulder." The little fox generously lent his shoulder, "Go to sleep, I will guard you."

So the little rabbit leaned on the little fox's shoulder and fell asleep peacefully.

And the little fox quietly stared at the little rabbit, thinking that the other party must be having a sweet dream.

Otherwise, how could there be such a beautiful smile on the little rabbit's face?

The next morning, the little rabbit woke up after full sleep, and when he opened his eyes, he saw the rising sun slowly rising in front of him. The pictures are more beautiful.

The little rabbit looked at all this in awe, and it took a while before he recovered, and excitedly pushed the little fox next to him: "Little fox, it turns out that a good night's sleep will really make the world a better place!"

Indeed, those unhappy things were left in yesterday. As long as everyone puts down their worries and sleeps well, the wounds that make this world sad will be healed and become gentle and beautiful.

The next day, it will take the beautiful sunrise as a gift, thanking everyone who helped it heal with a good sleep.

At this time, the little fox first looked up at the beautiful morning glow, and then turned to look at the happy little rabbit, showing a smile.

This world that can make both myself and the little rabbit feel happy is so nice, so nice.


Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 12、Adventures of the Fox

There is a simple grass nest on a remote hill, where Miss Rabbit lives.

Although she has not entered the society, she is very simple, but she is lazy all day, as if nothing can arouse her interest, so naturally she is not serious in doing things.

That day, she planned to pick some wild vegetables, but she saw the flower dew while walking, and lowered her head to suck it, as if she could turn into a fairy.

She does this kind of stupid thing a lot, her life is broken on this day

The breeze was not dry, and the sun was just right. She went to hunt for food in the wild. After walking for a long time, she did not find any food in the periphery, so she had to continue to go deep into the jungle.

She walks aimlessly, there is dog's tail grass here she stops, there are dandelions there she blows

Suddenly she saw a silver fox lying in the grass, thinking that the fox was cunning, she wanted to take a detour, but she smelled a trace of blood in the air.

She was a little confused, her little head looked left and right, and then looked down at herself

Not knowing who was injured, then she realized it might be the fox lying in the grass

It is said that foxes can seduce people, but I didn't expect that even she could not escape.

She kept saying to herself, "The fox is cunning, don't be fooled by him!"

After repeating it over and over again, take a deep breath

He stepped forward cautiously, and asked with some fear, "What are you doing?"

When she saw the face of the little fox, even the thought that the fox was cunning disappeared.

There is a saying in human beings: "The phase is born from the heart!"

So pretty must be a great fox!

Miss Rabbit's eyes lit up and she thought, "I've never seen such a beautiful little fox"

Miss Rabbit put down her vigilance and immediately became enthusiastic

"Little fox, what's wrong with you? Do you need my help?"

The little fox looked at her enthusiastic look and moved his eyelids

His looks will amaze everyone and animals, but no one has ever been as clean as her eyes

This pure appreciation makes the fox not bored

The little fox replied in a good mood: "I tripped over a stone and fell on a thorn, can you go and help me get some water to wash the wound?"

Miss Rabbit immediately nodded like a chicken pecking at rice: "I know there is a stream nearby, I'll go get you water right now!"

When the voice fell, she was already ten meters away

She has colorful wildflowers and playful bees on the way, but she doesn't even look at it

Just passing by Sister Yanzi, she paused and asked as she walked, "Sister Yanzi, has spring come?"

Sister Yanzi looked at her in such a hurry, and said helplessly: "What spring, it's autumn!"

Miss Rabbit didn't know if she heard it or not, she still walked forward, just muttered: "Then why is he so attractive to me?"

After she finished speaking, she shook her head, and couldn't think of it anymore.

It's just that she babbled along the way: "Drink water for the beautiful little fox to clean up the wound, and then he will be mine, um, yes!"

It looks like this is to convince myself to brainwash myself over and over again

When she got to the river, she filled some water in a discarded iron can blown by the wind and dragged it back to the little fox with great effort.

When the little fox was cleaning the wound, Miss Rabbit looked at him so straight

The little fox became a little angry and said, "Can you turn around?"

Miss Rabbit said inexplicably, "Why did you turn around? You are already mine!"

The little fox was stunned: "When am I yours?"

Miss Rabbit is righteous: "Humans say that life-saving grace should be promised to each other!"

Then she looked annoyed: "Do you want to deny the account?"

After she finished speaking, she didn't listen to the little fox's explanation, she swooped over and kissed the little fox's mouth.

He smiled smugly and said, "You have already been stamped by me, you can't run away!"

The little fox looked at Miss Rabbit with a smug face, couldn't help laughing, stretched out his hand and pressed his heart, which was pounding for some reason, and let her go.

"Little fox, you can't run away!"

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 11、Little Fox's Heart

Every spring, the little fox sheds a round of fur.

Take off the thick winter fur first and replace it with a looser fur so that it doesn't get too hot in the summer.

This process is not very uncomfortable physically, but it will make the little fox feel very uncomfortable.

Because the fur doesn't fall neatly, it always sheds one piece first, then one piece there, which makes the little fox's originally beautiful fur become pitted, and the colors are mottled and intertwined, which is very unsightly.

So this is the saddest time for the little fox every year, always hiding at home and refusing to go out.

Even when a good friend, the little rabbit, came to knock on the door, it seemed very unhappy when it opened the door. It also deliberately wrapped the little quilt around him, only showing his head, so as not to let the little rabbit see his ugly appearance.

"Little fox, are you shedding hair again?" The little rabbit walked into the house, saw the fluttering fluff in the sky, looked back at the little fox who was wrapping himself like a big zongzi, and asked with concern, " No wonder I haven't seen you come out to play with us these days."

"Yeah." Even after entering the house, the little fox refused to put down the quilt on his body, and clumsily poured tea for the little rabbit.

But the quilt was too much of a hindrance. The little fox didn't grasp it firmly, and the teapot fell over. The hot tea dripped on the quilt. The anxious little rabbit hurried over and tried to lift the quilt to prevent the little fox from being scalded.

But the little fox was holding on to the quilt tightly so that the little rabbit wouldn't lift it.

"Don't look, I look ugly now." The little fox fled to the corner with the quilt, and shrank into a ball in aggrieved. "It sucks."

The little rabbit looked at the little fox, and instead of trying to lift the quilt, he sat down beside it.

"Little fox, I know it's not your best look now." The little rabbit said softly, "But there's no need to think that everything is bad because of this. It's not like that."

"That's it." The little fox sniffed, and even spoke in a nasal tone, "Everyone is seen by others first. If they are not good-looking, then everything will be ruined."

Having said that, the little fox stretched out his paws and wiped his eyes, and said in a low voice, "Little rabbit, I really hate myself now."

The little rabbit sighed, looked around, saw the fruit plate on the table, and suddenly had an idea.

It went to the fruit bowl and took an apple, and said to the little fox: "Little fox, you usually like apples the most, right?"

"Yeah." The little fox nodded in confusion.

"But this apple seems to have been stored for too long. You see, there are mildew spots on it. It will definitely not taste good." The little rabbit showed the broken apple to the little fox, "but now there is nothing in the fruit bowl. The second apple, if you insist that you must only eat apples, you will only be hungry."

After saying these words, the little rabbit brought the whole fruit plate over and put it in front of the little fox.

"But there are many other fruits in the fruit bowl. There are peaches, grapes, and strawberries. They are equally delicious. They are no worse than apples." The little rabbit picked up a fresh strawberry and sniffed it. Fragrance, with a smile, "When there are no apples, if you can think that there are many other fruits to eat, you will not be hungry."

The little fox took the strawberry handed over by the little rabbit: "You are right, but... what does this have to do with my current situation?"

"Of course it matters." The little rabbit came closer and sat down next to the little fox, "You feel so uncomfortable now because your heart is hungry."

"My heart... Hungry?" The little fox blinked in confusion.

"Well, little fox, you don't know yet, our hearts will also be hungry." The little rabbit explained solemnly, "In order to have the strength to support us to live a good life, our hearts must eat a lot of food every day to be full. But it's not eating like the stomach, it's eating those beautiful feelings that make us feel happy and joyful."

Because the little fox likes his beautiful appearance, that is the advantage that can satisfy him. It has always been a delicacy that his heart likes very much. Now this advantage has disappeared temporarily, just like the apple in the fruit bowl is broken, it can no longer be Eat to the heart.

Therefore, the heart is hungry, very hungry, very hungry, and has no strength to resist any pain, and then loses his temper and makes all kinds of troubles, making the owner of the heart so sad.

"Although our hearts are gluttonous, they are also very tolerant. They are not picky eaters at all. What they can eat is just like the other fruits in this fruit plate. There are many, many more." The little rabbit pushed the whole fruit plate to a small In front of the fox, "Of course it's good to have good looks, but don't forget, besides good looks, we can also have many other good things at the same time."

For example, the little fox can rely on his own ingenuity and agility to win the forest maze competition; for example, the little fox successfully played a big villain role far from his own nature in the previous Full Moon Theater by studying hard acting skills. , won the praise of all the audience; another example, when the little fox and the little rabbit guarded a meteor that fell into the sky last time on the little rabbit's birthday, and successfully helped it return to the night sky.

The little rabbit patiently listed these things, and used them to remind the little fox that the past experiences can bring great feelings and are a delicious meal to feed the heart.

"The hair loss is innate, and no one can change it. It must feel very bad. I understand this very well." The little rabbit stretched out his paw and patted the little fox lightly, "But don't misunderstand your heart. Picky eaters, if you don’t want to eat this kind of food, you won’t give it anything else, and would rather let it be hungry all the time, then it’s really pitiful.”

If you are hungry all the time, your heart that was full of vitality will wither and become weak and weak. In severe cases, it will even drag the owner of the heart into the abyss, and it will never recover.

In fact, the heart is very happy to taste other delicious food. As long as the owner of the heart is willing to go with it, don't be too harsh on the recipe, and strive to discover and create all kinds of beautiful experiences, then it can also get enough energy. Become a healthy and energetic little heart.

The little fox looked at the little rabbit hesitantly, and his tone was a little more relaxed than before, but he was not completely relieved: "Really? It doesn't matter if it doesn't look good for a while..."

"Little fox, even though you're a not-so-good-looking little fox now, you've done so many great things, and they've made you a great little fox, isn't that better than the past? Does it look good?" The little rabbit shook his head vigorously, "I don't think so, I believe that the little Shiba Inu, the little crow, and the little panda don't think so either."

Having said this, the little rabbit stopped and persuaded sincerely: "And one day, when we are all old and can no longer have a good-looking appearance, this delicious food cannot be eaten by the heart. In this case, Why don't we start learning to find other foods now to feed our hearts."

The little fox was silent for a while, and finally took the initiative to loosen the quilt wrapped around him, revealing his messy fur, not afraid of being seen by the little rabbit.

"You're right, little rabbit, I was too stupid before and starved my heart out." The little fox gradually smiled and stretched out his paws toward the little rabbit, "But now it's very full, Because I can have a good friend like you, it's the best feeling."

"Yeah! That's right!" The little rabbit gave it a high five happily. "This is the awesome little fox I know!"


After that, the two little animals played happily together for a long time. When it was almost dark, the little rabbit should go home. Before sending it out, the little fox suddenly thought of something, and he said hesitantly: " Little Rabbit, um...I want to ask you something."

"You ask." The little rabbit stood outside the door, looking at it with his head tilted.

"You said that after a long time, we will all grow old, our fur will be dull, our legs and feet will not be flexible, and our faces will be wrinkled. We won't be as good-looking as we are now, but then..." The little fox standing at the door took a deep breath and drummed. With great courage, he asked, "By then, will we still like each other as much as we do now?"

Hearing this question, the little rabbit opened his round eyes slightly, and shook his long ears thoughtfully.

At this time, the evening wind just happened to blow, bringing the fragrance of flowers in the forest, and the light of the setting sun gently sprinkled on the two small animals, pulling their shadows to grow long.

Everything is so peaceful and beautiful.

"Of course, this will not change at any time." The little rabbit's tone was serious, and at the same time there was a happy smile on his face, "I swear, I will always like the little fox the most!"

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 10、Bunny looking for tail

The bunny's tail is missing.

It doesn't know when it lost its short, round, cotton ball-like tail. It was when it was jumping and fluttering butterflies with the little fox in the forest, when the sharp-eyed little fox was caught by the sharp-eyed little fox. found.

"Oops." The little fox who followed behind the little rabbit exclaimed. "Little rabbit, your tail is missing."

The little rabbit stopped hopping, turned his head, and found that behind him was really bare and had no tail.

Seeing that the little tail that had been with him for so long was gone, the little rabbit couldn't help but panic, and the little fox hurried over to comfort it: "Little rabbit, don't worry, I'll accompany you to get the tail back."

So where to go to find the tail?

"When I counted the stars on the hillside with you last night, your tail was still there." The clever little fox thought with his paws propped up on his head, "Let's go to the places you have been to today to find out."

The little rabbit tilted his head and thought for a while: "Well, I went to water the carrot field this morning, maybe the tail was thrown in the field."

The two small animals hurried to the carrot field. The carrots here are big and round, and they are well taken care of by the little rabbits. They are very beautiful just by looking at them.

But when they rummaged through every green carrot leaf, they couldn't find the little rabbit's tail.

The little rabbit remembered it again, and then he and his good friend Shiba Inu made an appointment to have lunch together, but the little Shiba Inu got lost on the way, and kept going around in circles for a long time. Later, the little rabbit ran to rescue it.

So the little fox took the little rabbit to go again to rescue the little Shiba Inu, but unfortunately nothing.

"I came to play with you later, and we went to the cold drink shop to sit for a while. You also invited us to drink the super delicious Antarctic iced soda." The little fox recalled hard, "I remember that the little Shiba Inu left beforehand, and you have since left. When I stood up on the seat and waved goodbye to it, I also saw your tail, so your tail must have fallen in the cold drink shop."

The two little animals went to the cold drink shop opened by Mr. Polar Bear and Miss Penguin with great anticipation, but after searching everywhere, they still couldn't find the little rabbit's lost tail.

Can't find it? The little rabbit thought terrified. I'm going to be a little bunny with no tail?

The tired and anxious little rabbit sat sullenly in the corner of the cold drink shop, and finally burst into tears.

"Little rabbit..." The little fox looked at the little rabbit worriedly, and silently handed over a tissue, "If you are really sad, it will feel better when you cry."

"Woooo." The little rabbit twitched his little nose, and huge tears rolled down from the corners of his red eyes, "Little fox, I'm so scared."

"What are you afraid of?" asked the little fox.

"If I don't have a tail... won't it be weird..." The little rabbit drooped his ears, his voice getting smaller and smaller, "Then... um, everyone will hate me, not like me..."

The little fox looked at the crying little rabbit, suddenly smiled, stretched out his paws and patted it: "Little rabbit, it's not right for you to think that way, everyone won't dislike you or dislike you because you don't have a tail."

"You said that to comfort me." The little rabbit wiped her tears again.

"Although your short tail is very cute, besides that, you have many, many other advantages," the little fox explained earnestly, "Everyone likes the little rabbit who works hard to farm, and also likes the little rabbit who can get lost. The little rabbit who helped the Shiba Inu, and the little rabbit who wants to share with us no matter what delicious food he eats, all these have nothing to do with the tail.”

The little rabbit stopped crying temporarily, and looked at the little fox in a daze: "Really?"

"Really, really, even if you don't have a tail, little rabbit, you are still a little rabbit, I..." The little fox paused and smiled cowardly, "Oh, I mean we will always like you very much, Don't be afraid to be good friends with you."

Hearing this, Little Rabbit was very moved, and inexplicably shy, he buried his head and whispered: "Thank you, little fox, listening to you say that, I'm really not afraid at all."

"That's great." The little fox flicked his tail happily, "By the way, the Arctic snow ice cream balls here are delicious. It is said that when you are sad, you can eat something sweet, and those who are unhappy will be all over the place. Fly away."

With that said, the little fox jumped off the seat and ran towards the bar where the proprietress, Miss Penguin, was located: "Please give me an arctic snow ice cream ball."

"Okay." Miss Penguin smiled gently, turning around to signal her husband, Mr. Polar Bear, to open the freezer against the wall.

Mr. Polar Bear smiled and opened the freezer door, suddenly a little surprised: "Ah, wife, this is..."

I saw a white and round hair ball mixed into the rows of white ice cream balls in the freezer.

And it is the tail that the little rabbit lost!

Although the matter of how the little rabbit's tail got into the freezer is still a mystery, it doesn't stop the little fox holding this cool little hairball and running towards the little rabbit quickly.

"Little rabbit, little rabbit, you found your tail." The little fox shouted happily. "I warmed it up with my paws, you can put it back on now!"

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 9、Little fox growing radish

There lived a little fox who could grow radishes by the river in the forest.

Of course he didn't know how to grow radishes in the beginning. For a long time in the past, he was just a silly red fox dragging a big fluffy tail and running happily in the forest every day.

When spring came, the little fox met a little rabbit, She was white all over, with a round head, body and tail, and she jumped and jumped very energetically.

The two little animals quickly became good friends, and they often ran together, chatted and drank afternoon tea, and had a lot of fun.

But at the end of spring, the little rabbit came to the little fox with her red eyes, saying that her family was moving to a far, far away place and that she could no longer play with the little fox.

The little fox was very sad.

The little fox originally had a lot to say to the little rabbit, but now he doesn't dare to say it, and it's too late to say it.

So the little fox pretended not to see the flickering anticipation in the little rabbit's eyes, hesitated for a long time, and finally only asked if the little rabbit would come back in the future.

The little rabbit sighed and gave the little fox a seed that is said to be able to grow beautiful flowers: little fox, when the flowers bloom, I will come back to see you.

After the two little animals said goodbye to each other, the little fox stood there and watched the little rabbit leave.

The little fox looked at his lonely shadow and couldn't help sniffing.


The next day, the little fox dug a hole by the river, carefully buried the seed, and poured some water.

He wants to grow beautiful flowers.

Within a few days, the seeds sprouted, supporting two small green, oval leaves that swayed gently in the breeze.

The little fox was delighted, stretched out his paws, and touched it gently.

It looks like two long ears of the little rabbit.

In the days that followed, the little fox often moved a chair over, sat next to this little seedling, and chatted with the little seedling while drinking tea.

It's all what he used to say when he had afternoon tea with the little rabbit.

Since the little rabbit left, Some words that no one can listen to.


The small seedling grew quickly and turned into a lush green clump. The leaves spiraled up along the high stem and stretched out in the early summer sun, very vigorous.

The little fox watered and fertilized it more carefully, thinking that its flowers would be very beautiful.

With such an expectation, the feeling of discomfort because of the little rabbit's departure seems to be less than that. He has changed back to the original happy little fox, and he will drag his big tail around the plant and turn around. Will secretly sing to it in the moonlight.

He was embarrassed to sing in front of the little rabbit before.

And this plant did not live up to the little fox's expectations, and gradually formed a cluster of buds at the top. Each bud was small, very shy, and was tightly wrapped by a tender green calyx.

Then one sunny morning, the little fox saw its first flowers.

The flower is a small one, with a bright yellow stamen in the center and four white petals unfolding around it.

The little fox was pleasantly surprised: Oh, it turns out that as small and white as the little rabbit.

For the rest of the day, the little animal squatted beside the little flower, smiling silly, the more he looked, the more he liked it.

Because this is what the little fox likes to look at.

Shhh, this is the little fox's secret, even the little rabbit didn't tell.


But the little fox soon became unhappy.

The cluster of small buds bloomed one after another, and the little rabbit had not come back.

I want to wait for the little bunny to come back and see how beautiful you are with her.

But this time the little buds didn't listen to the little fox, and stubbornly opened one after another, looking from a distance, like a fluffy white ball standing on the stem.

The little fox was so anxious that he dragged his big tail around in vain, and every day he stood on tiptoe to see if there were little rabbits on the path in the distance.


Until a whole bunch of small flowers were in full bloom, the familiar figure of the little fox did not appear.


At night, the little fox was awakened by a thunderstorm and saw the first heavy rain of this summer falling outside the window.

The little fox jumped up from the bed and hurriedly ran out of the house holding the umbrella made of lotus leaves, and saw the cluster of small flowers swaying in the wind and rain, very delicate.

This made the little fox feel bad, so he rushed over and held up the lotus leaf umbrella over the flowers, even though he was soaked all over, he tightly protected the little flowers with his body.

this night, the wind was blowing too hard and the rain was so heavy that the small petals were torn one by one and fell into the mud.

When the sun comes up, the rain stops, the stems that were originally clustered with flowers became bare, only a little yellow stamens remained, and countless small white petals fell on the ground, covered with muddy water.

The little fox carefully picked up the petals piece by piece, picked them up, and suddenly stayed there motionless.

The flowers were gone, and the little rabbit didn't come back.

The sad little fox had no choice but to raise his head, trying hard not to let the tears fall from his eyes.

But in the end, the tears still fell in big chunks and fell into the small puddles on the ground

The breeze blew, and only the stamens still left on the stem gave off a long fragrance, stroking the little fox crying with its head buried in its two small claws, as if to comfort the sad little animal.


The little fox put the dried petals in the envelope, and gave the letter to the frog brother who traveled around. Please, if he travels far and far and encounters a little rabbit, Please give the letter to her.

Even the withered petals are still a bit beautiful.

And this beauty, the little fox just wants to share with the little rabbit.

As for the plant that lost its flowers, the little fox still took good care of it.

After all, it is a precious gift that the little rabbit left to himself.

And it lost its flower... The little fox touched the broad leaves of the plant lightly. It must have been sad too.

As the days passed, the little fox found that the part of the plant buried in the soil was getting fatter and looked a little familiar.

Like what?

The little fox didn't remember for a while.

But it doesn't matter, no matter what it becomes, the little fox likes it. Unconsciously, it seems to have become a close friend of his own, and he can tell it any secrets.

For example, "How much I love the little rabbit".

At this time, the little fox actually regretted it. He regretted that he had been cowardly for a while. If he didn't say it at that time, he might never have the chance to say it again.


In the evening when the summer was about to end, the little fox sat next to the plant again to enjoy the shade, and with a flick of his tail, he accidentally swept the fattened stem.

It has become really fat and fat now, like a half-round head sticking out of the soil.

The little fox suddenly remembered, this is a radish!

Rabbit's favorite radish.

It turns out that even if there are no flowers, the little rabbit likes you. The little fox sighed. But little rabbit doesn't know, I like her a hundred times a thousand times as much.

But the little rabbit loves the little fox ten thousand times as much. A voice suddenly sounded.

The little fox was stunned.

On the path leading to his home, a familiar figure appeared.

It's a bouncing rabbit!

The little fox's face turned red all of a sudden, but because he was originally a fiery red little fox, even if blushes, no one else can see it.

And the little rabbit has come to the little fox, holding a letter in her hand.

The little fox only put the dried flower petals in it and didn't write a word, but the little rabbit read a lot of meaning from it.

So she overcame many difficulties and rushed back, and sincerely apologized: I'm sorry, little fox, I came back late.

It doesn't matter, I didn't let you see the flowers from that radish either. The little fox hurriedly shook his paws to show he didn't care, and then scratched his head embarrassedly.

The little rabbit heard what he said to the radish just now.

At this time, it was completely dark, and the water in the small river next to it flowed gently, humming a song with splashes. Under the starry sky, the two little animals looked at each other so seriously, only each other was in each other's eyes.

This time, the cowardly little fox finally summoned up the courage and said what was in his heart: Little Rabbit, the flowers of this radish are really beautiful, but unfortunately I couldn't show you. Can you stay this time? I can grow radishes now. Let's grow a large piece of radish together in the future and watch them bloom a lot, okay?

The little rabbit didn't answer at first, she looked back at the big round radish still buried in the soil, and then turned back to see that the little fox was already staring at his toes shyly, not daring to raise his head, so she moved her two long legs. Ear, holding the little fox's paw, pulled Gogou with a happy smile: Okay, that's it.

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 8、The little rabbit wants to eat the moon

The little rabbit knows a secret.

The moon hanging in the sky is edible.

When the round moon climbs to the top of the hillside, you can get it as soon as stretch your paws, pick it off and take a bite, your mouth is full of sweet and juicy.

The little rabbit was very greedy, and went to the hillside to guard it early.

But what was waiting for was a small crescent. The little rabbit did not dare to try it, because She heard that such a crescent can make the front teeth sore with just a small bite.

But it doesn't matter, the little rabbit has patience and decides to come every night.

It will soon be possible to wait until the moon is a little bit rounder.

But when she came the next day, the little rabbit found that the little fox had come first.

Rabbit is a little worried.

Did the little fox also know the secret that the moon can eat?

So the little rabbit pretended to be casual and greeted the little fox and asked what he was doing.

I come to see the moon. The little fox replied. What a beautiful moon.

Oh. The little rabbit stretched out her paws and rubbed her nose, thinking that he must also want to eat the moon, hum.

After that, no one mentioned the secret that the moon can be eaten. The two little animals stood on the hillside and watched the moon all night, and chatted by the way.

Also had fun talking.

When the moon fell on the hillside and the two little animals went home to say goodbye, the little fox asked the little rabbit: Are you coming tomorrow night?

come. The bunny answered.

See you tomorrow night then. The little fox waved his paws happily and went home with his big red tail.

The next night, the little rabbit deliberately came early, not wanting to let the little fox take off the moon first.

But by the time she climbed up the hill, the little fox was already there waiting.

Also brought a carrot to the little rabbit.

“give you”. The little fox was a little shy when he said this.

thanks. The little rabbit also felt embarrassed when she took the gift.

The crescent is a little thicker than yesterday, but still curved.

The two little animals continued to look at the crescent moon and chat.

On the third day, the little rabbit came a little earlier.

But still not as early as the little fox.

This time, he brought a small flower for the little rabbit.

The flowers are fragrant, and they bloom beautifully.

The little rabbit was even more embarrassed, thinking, the little fox is really nice.

But let little fox eat the moon, the greedy little rabbit is still reluctant.

But it's not good to receive gifts every time.

So she also began to bring gifts to the little fox.

Sometimes it is a beautiful fallen leaf, sometimes it is a ripe fruit.

The two little animals chatted happily every night.

The moon is also a little bit rounder.

Finally came the most round day, the little rabbit came very early this day, earlier than the little fox. But when she looked up and saw the big ball that could be reached with her paws, she hesitated.

She lowered her paws and waited for the little fox to come.

Here comes the little fox.

In fact... the little rabbit was hesitating. She wanted to give the moon to the little fox, but couldn't quite make up his mind.

The little fox didn't say anything, staring at the little rabbit quietly with a pair of big black eyes.

Just stared at rabbit for a long time.

The round moon is about to fall from the hillside.

Say it now. The little rabbit urged.

That...I come every night because...the little fox's face turned so red, as red as his fur. Little rabbit , I love you.

The little rabbit's face became very red at once, as red as her eyes.

The two small animals squatted on the hillside for a long time, until the moon completely fell down the mountain.

In the end, the little fox spoke first: is okay?

The little rabbit buried her head and didn't dare to look at it, but nodded lightly: ok... ok.

The little fox jumped up happily, grabbed a lot of stars hanging in the sky on the hillside, held it with two small paws, and gave it to the little rabbit.

Try it. he says. I was too embarrassed to tell you before, these stars taste so sweet.

Um. The little rabbit took one and put it in her mouth, and smiled happily.

Oh, it's really sweet.

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 7、Sweetest strawberry

The little rabbit planted a large piece of carrots in the yard,
She has been planning for a long time,
When all the carrots are ripe,
She must give the biggest one to the bear.

Every time She think about this,
A blush suddenly appeared on the face.

one day, the little rabbit who had watered the carrots ran to the little bear to play with,
She was surprised to find that the little bear's yard was full of strawberries.

So the little rabbit squatted on the ground ready to pick one to eat.

"don't move!"
A sudden sound startled the little rabbit.

The little rabbit looked up, and it turned out to be the little bear.
She said sadly:
"Don't allow me eat, what's so great!"

Then she went home angrily.

The little rabbit looked at the carrots in the yard, the more she thought about it, the more angry she became:
"you are so bad, I wanted to give you the biggest one before, but now I ignore you! "

after a few days,
The little rabbit who was about to go out saw the little bear standing in front of the door with a basket.

"What are you doing here?"
The little rabbit rolled his eyes and said angrily.

"Hey, this is my strawberry."
The little bear shyly handed over the basket.

The little rabbit put hands on her hips:
"You didn't want me to eat it that day, why did you come to give it to me today?"

Little Bear scratched his head and said:
"How could it be possible, that whole piece of strawberry is planted for you alone."

"Then you murdered me that day..."

No, it wasn't delicious back then.

I just think...

want give you the sweetest.

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 6、Little fox's gift

The little rabbit has been very unhappy recently.

There are many reasons for being unhappy. Life is always stumbling. However, this is the first time the little rabbit is so unhappy. The smile on her face has disappeared, and the little fox looks anxious.

No one wants the rabbit to be happy more than he does.

But he also know that at this time, just sending a carrot or a dandelion is not enough to appease the little rabbit's injured heart, it needs to give the little rabbit a bigger surprise.

The little fox thought hard, and finally came up with a good idea.

He knows that the little rabbit has always loved the fairy tale books written by Aunt Deer. Before, every time Aunt Deer published a new book, the little rabbit would line up to buy, and she liked every story.

She also participated in the small gift lottery held by Aunt Deer many times, but unfortunately did not win once.

If the little rabbit can win the lottery once, she will definitely be happy again!

But Aunt Deer hasn't done any lottery recently, and even if there is lotteries, the little rabbit may not win.

The little fox feel a little worried, and if he asks Aunt Deer about this, it also very embarrassing and embarrassing.

But the concern for the little rabbit outweighs the little fox's inner entanglement. He first tried to contact Aunt Deer through the relationship of friends, and then pluck up courage to ask: "My good friend little rabbit has been very sad recently. Aunt Deer, can I ask you to pretend to do a lottery, specifically to draw the little rabbit?"

Then the little fox touched his nose and added, "I'll pay for the prize, or to pay for all the prizes, except for the little rabbit."

But Aunt Deer didn't agree to Little Fox's request.

She said that although I understands the little fox's mood and wants to help, if the lottery is fake, it will deceive other small animals in the forest who come to participate in the lottery, and it will betray everyone's trust and love.

"Sorry, little fox, I can't agree to your request." Aunt Deer said gently, "Let's think of other ways to make the little rabbit happy?"

The little fox heared Aunt Deer say this, he blushed even more, and in a panic, he apologized to Aunt Bailu and left quickly.

On the way back, the little fox felt a little depressed.

He felt as if he had come up with a bad idea before, and he had been busy all this time, and finally found no new way to make the little rabbit happy.

This is really frustrating.

The next day, the dejected little fox came to the little rabbit's residence and was hesitating whether to knock on the door, but the door opened by itself.

The rabbit is standing at the door.

"Little rabbit..." At this time, the little fox didn't know what to say to comfort the little rabbit. He felt useless.

But the little rabbit didn't look as sad as before. She said loudly to the little fox: "Thank you for your gift, I received it, and I really like it."

The little fox looked at the little rabbit in confusion, not understanding what She was talking about.

The little rabbit led the little fox into the house and took out a letter signed Aunt Deer.

The letter tells a cute little story about a girl who encountered bad things in life and was in a bad mood. The boy who liked her made a lot of effort to surprise the girl in order to make her happy. It's a pity that he was very unlucky, he failed again and again, and was always unsuccessful.

Just when the boy was frustrated by this, the girl discovered his efforts and understood his intentions.

So the girl said to the boy, "Thank you, although the surprise you wanted to give me didn't come true, every ounce of effort you put into it has made my world a better place."

"This is a little story that Aunt Deer gave me." Little Rabbit waved the stationery in her hand, "She said it was written specifically to make me happy."

"That's great." The little fox was a little surprised, but also very happy that the little rabbit could cheer up because of this, "I didn't expect Aunt Deer to help me give you such a good gift."

"Yeah, it's a good gift, but it's not the best." The little rabbit said and laughed suddenly, she put down the letter and came to the little fox, "If there is a fool who is willing to work hard to replace I get my smile back, and the other person's heart is the gift I should cherish the most."


Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend 5、Sleepless bear

There's a little bear in the forest, but he hasn't been so happy lately.

Because he is insomnia.

Well, yes, insomnia means losing hibernation.

He was supposed to go to sleep every winter and wake up the following spring, as the other little bears in the forest did.

Only this special little bear couldn't fall asleep on time.

He couldn't sleep because of his bad luck, and frankly, the bear was responsible for most of it. When the other little bears were well fed in late autumn and put on a comfortable little quilt early to go to sleep, this little bear was still busy playing games and gossip on his mobile phone, and was extremely excited.

When he sees that it is too late to go to bed, he must not be able to fall asleep immediately, and he will always toss and turn in the cot for a long time, and he will not fall asleep until the winter is almost over.

If you fall asleep too late, you will wake up too late.

When the little bear woke up, spring was almost over, and it was hot summer.

That means Bear misses all the good times of spring, with pretty flowers, plump berries, sweet honey, and the happy times with his pals.

The little bear was very depressed. He vowed to himself that next time he must hibernate on time, go to bed early and get up early, can't be like this year.

But in the next winter, the original situation was repeated again, the little bear still couldn't go to sleep on time and got up on time, continued to miss the second spring.

Bear is fall to pieces.

Since then, the little bear become more active with hibernation, and he thought of different ways to let himself sleep early.

For example, put the mobile phone in the bathroom that far away from the bed, so that the bear can't playing with the mobile phone while sleeping.

But it was useless, because the little bear hid in the bathroom and played with his mobile phone for most of the winter, he couldn't control himself at all.

Why not to get up early?The little bear thought. If he sleep late and get up when the spring arrives, so that when the next winter comes, the little bear will be sleepy.

It doesn't work.

In the next few months of this year, the little bear with two dark circles,he could not count how many times he was mistaken for a panda, and every time the situation was very embarrassing.

Moreover,without hibernation, the little bear will always be dozing off in spring, summer and autumn, and he cannot play with other animals in the forest.The little bear thought that waking up early is useless.

Little Bear has no choice, he was so helpless.

What's worse is that the more he worries about hibernation, the more he can't sleep, and the later he wakes up, it simply falls into a vicious circle.

The happy bear began to sigh and frown, he was bouncing around all the day.

When other small animals in the forest found the bear is unhappiness, everyone was very worried and hoped to do something for the bear. The smart little fox ask little rabbit, a little Shiba Inu, a little crow, and a little raccoon to discuss together.

Everyone agreed to help the bear to be happy again.

When the first snow fell , everyone made an appointment to go to the bear's house together and drag the bear, who was curled up on the bed staring and unable to sleep.

The little fox said: "Little bear, if you can't sleep, don't force yourself, come play with us."

The little rabbit also jumped out and said with a smile: "Yes, yes, bear, don't you know how fun winter is?"

The little bear followed the friends out of the house ignorantly, and he found that the whole forest was covered with thick white snow, which was completely different from what he had seen before, it was very interesting and beautiful.

"Wow." The little bear reached out and touched the little snowflake that fell on the tip of his nose. He felt that it was icy cold when it melted. He was surprised and curious.

Before the little bear's surprise disappeared, the other little friends dragged the little bear and ran into the snow again. Everyone went sledding, built a snowman, played snowball fights, and played all kinds of fun.

The silent winter is filled with the laughter and no longer alone.

"It turns out that winter is so good." The little bear laughed happily while grabbing a ball of snowballs and smashing it at the little fox. "Even if you miss spring, it's nice to have winter."

"That's right, winter is so fun. You are the first bear to discover this secret! Congratulations!" The little fox pulled the little rabbit nimbly to avoid the bear's snowball attack, and laughed along with him. "Little bear, don't worry about insomnia anymore, no matter what, we are still with you."

Later, it was getting late, and the tired little friends gathered at Little Bear's house, eating sweet and soft muffins around the warm fire. Little Bear sat on the sofa and watched the light of the fire reflected everyone around him. His smiling face shone brightly, and his heart suddenly felt at ease and warm.

Being able to spend such a pleasant time with my friends, even if I sleep a little later, it seems that it will no longer make it anxious.

At this time, the little fox took out a fairy tale book and said that this is the latest bedtime story written by Aunt Bailu. Let me choose the sweetest little story for everyone to read.

After speaking, the little fox opened the book and read it carefully.

The other little friends also listened very carefully, especially Bear, who has never heard anyone else read a bedtime story, and this experience is very special to him.

In the warm room, apart from the crackling of the fire, there was only the sound of the little fox reading the story.

As the story was nearly finished, another voice appeared in the room.

Everyone looked up, and it turned out that the little bear had fallen asleep peacefully on the sofa, and was snoring happily.

The little friends didn't wake him up, they just took the little quilt to cover the little bear lightly, then tidied up the room, put out the fire , went out quietly and locked the door.

Before leaving, the little animals looked at each other and smiled, the little bear was sleeping soundly, "Good night"Everyone said in their hearts.

Good night, my little bear.

See you next spring!

There's no reason to love you

Miss Rabbit is a famous little fairy in this forest.
She is like a perpetually draped white snow in early winter,
It's so pure and flawless.

But God doesn't seem to want her to be too perfect,
Miss Rabbit is born blind.

She has never seen colorful flowers, never seen the bright moonlight and the blue sea,
Even if only once.

But she has heard all the good things in this world,
Listen to Xiao Hui tell her.

Xiao Hui is her best friend,
Hearing Xiao Hui say that he is a big gray rabbit,
A very big rabbit.
Accompanied by Xiao Hui,
Miss Rabbit's whole world has color.

until one day,
She went to Grandma Sheep's store to buy carrots.

"Why do you buy so many every time?"

"Because I want to eat with Xiao Hui."

"Xiao Hui? that big wolf?
How could he possibly eat carrots,
His favorite food is little white rabbit like you! "

"How could he be a wolf..."

"I saw it with my own eyes that day, Miss Rabbit, Be careful! "

Miss Rabbit left thoughtfully:
No wonder he hides every time when someone come.

Mr. Wolf watched all this silently from behind the big tree and heart hurts like a knife.


Miss Rabbit opened the door and walked in, A bag full of carrots in her hand.

"You...you already know? Actually...
Actually, I'm not a big gray rabbit.
I am . . "

"I'll make your favorite carrot soup for you."
Miss Rabbit interrupted Mr. Wolf,
As she walked to the kitchen, she whispered softly:

I don't care what kind of big gray rabbit you are, Or the big wolf.

I just know that I love you.

is enough.

Love you more

It was a warm afternoon,
Warm sun, warm wind,
A pack of wolves bask in the sun leisurely by the river.

A little rabbit jumped into view.
She carried a small basket on her back,
Probably looking for carrots.

The wolves saw this pink and tender little rabbit,
Really drooling.

At this time, Mr. Wolf stood up:
"No one is allowed to hurt her."

Hear him say,
A wolf stronger than Mr. Wolf came out,
He is the leader of this pack of wolves:

"I've been following her for a long time,
she is mine! "

"You say yours and it's yours?"
After that, the wolf leader was about to run towards the little rabbit.

Mr. Wolf stood in front of the wolf leader,
Said fiercely:
"I repeat, she's mine!"

The other wolves see that the momentum is not right,
Immediately come over and persuade the wolf leader:
"it's just a little rabbit..."

The wolf leader glanced at Mr. Wolf,
Without saying a word, he turned and left.
The other wolves followed,
Only Mr. Wolf was left.

Another day,
The wolves came out to hunt,
They saw the bunny again.

The wolf leader looked fierce:
"You're not so lucky this time."
Saying that, he ran towards the little rabbit.

Just when the wolf leader was about to throw the little rabbit down,
Mr. Wolf rushed over,
Biting the wolf chief's neck in one bite,

at last,
Mr. Wolf still lost,
The angry wolf chief threw him out of.

The little rabbit looked at the wounded Mr. Wolf,
Crying with red eyes:
"Why are you so stupid..."

Mr. Wolf forced a smile:
"Tell me, how do you repay me?"

The little rabbit wiped his tears:

That. .

Then I will. .

I like you a little more

Mr. Tortoise and Mrs. Rabbit

Mr. Turtle is slow, as everyone knows.
He took slow steps, dragged a slow tone, Living a slow life, even the flowers in his yard are slowly opening.

The roses in Miss Rabbit's house have fallen, His rose has just grown a small flower bone, So Miss Rabbit thought he was funny, Especially when he stood on the widest road and shouted:


Miss Rabbit always makes a pot of coffee at this time, Picking up the unfinished sweater, accompanied by Mr. Turtle's melodious ending, Beautifully weaving a sleeve.

Then she would go out and hold up Mr. Turtle, Walked past the slowly opening door of his house and put him on the slowly sinking sofa, Turn on the TV and the screen light up slowly.

Until Miss Rabbit came out of the house, Mr. Turtle didn't have time to say thank you.

One day, Mr. Turtle felt a bit embarrassing to go on like this.

So he wrote an announcement at night and want to stick it in the most conspicuous place in the town.

But he was too slow, So when Mr. Turtle slowly walked out with the announcement, The people of whole town already knew he wants to run against Miss Rabbit.

Miss Rabbit felt very aggrieved, She cuddled in her little bed and thought back over the years, The days of being neighbors with Mr. Turtle. feel myself really gentle and considerate.

Except occasionally to pick late blooming flowers in his house.

"It would be too stingy because of flowers!"

Miss Rabbit complaining, and angrily smashed the potato chips in her mouth.
She decides that if the chips in the bag are singular, She's going to run fast,

If it's an double number, give some face to Mr. Turtle, Just get ahead of him by half day.

"Single, double, single, double...", Miss Rabbit fell asleep soon while counting, Only the potato chips lie quietly in the bag, No one knows the result.

Soon the day come, The people of whole town came to participate in this unprecedented grand game, and decided the starting point at the door of Mr. Turtle's house, Otherwise, He may not be able to get to the game in time.

Mr. Turtle also made full preparations for this game, The house is freshly painted, The blooming roses are beautifully trimmed, The yard smells neatly of mowed grass.

Some people even heard that he secretly stuffed a box when he met the referee, The bos was covered in his nervous sweat, But the referee won't think the one half a world behind is a winner.

When the game ready to start, Miss Rabbit opened the door and came out, She put on the beautiful sweater she knitted, Hold head high, and got to the starting line.

She just wanted to wait for the starting gun sounded, and run to the finish line.


The starting gun went off,

But no white smoke came out of it,

Slowly emerging, is a bouquet of flowers.

Miss Rabbit looked at everyone suspiciously,

But everyone pulled out more starting guns,

More flowers popping up.

The scent of roses pervades the ribbon of the beginning,

Mr. Turtle slowly took a box from the referee's hand,

Slowly get down on one knee,

A light slowly shone out of the box.

Many years later, when Miss Rabbit talking about this matter,

always smugly said,

She heard the fastest words Mr. Turtle said in his life.

"There is always someone in this world who is destined to be slower than you,

He is responsible for erasing your footprints on the snow,

mend the waves you broke,

Pick up the memories you left at the bottom of the cliff,

And give you a hug from behind when you are sad,

It's a race between us,

Don't look back,

He will always be by your side.

Even if he runs slowly, even if he runs fast. "

The taste of being in love

Bunny has never been in love,
She seemed to know what it was like to be in love.

The book says, if you meet someone you love.
You will be nervous, will be excited, will be lost.

However, if you fall in love.
That feeling makes you want to be shot by a hunter,
Although not dead,
But it will hurt you for a long time.

The little rabbit packed her luggage,
Ready to set off to find own love.

She first met Miss Seagull,
Miss Seagull said:
"Love, it's not sweet at all,
Bitter like medicine. "

The little rabbit left thoughtfully.

Then she met the little fox,
The little fox said:
"Love, like a snowman in winter,
no matter how much you pay,
As soon as the sun comes out, there is nothing left. "

The little rabbit feel very sad.

At this time she met the bear,
The little bear said happily:
"Love is like a vanilla cake,
It's so sweet. "

The little rabbit feel tired and doesn't know how to do.

Suddenly the little rabbit's ear was pinched,
She looked up and saw that it was a big rabbit.
said sadly: "What is love like?"

The big rabbit patted her little head:
Love, like the little stories I tell you every day,
as long as you like it,
I will always tell you.

Bedtime Story

Last updated: June 7, 2023